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Perfume eCommerce ∞ Ideas

October 17, 2013

I came across a lot of brilliant ideas & thoughts presented by participants while conducting agile training exercises using Perfume eCommerce website as product example. I felt these ideas deserves a page on my site 🙂

So here is the list…

  1. Free introductory kit (1000 Samples Strips).
  2. Bar Code Reading the Sample Strips from Cell-Phone.
  3. 10% Discount of all products.
  4. All products at one place.
  5. Apps for Android, Windows, iPhone and other cell phone OS. 6. Offers on buying like Date with a Celebrity
  6. Celebrity Brand Ambassador
  7. Complete Payment Security by VeriSign
  8. Social Media Plug-in
  9. Apps for Mobile Sample (this one I find the craziest among many other made me to write this page)
  10. Free Sample
  11. Free Delivery
  12. COD, Pay Partial, Pay by EMI payment options
  13. 100% Return
  14. Customized perfumes (select multiple fragrance and options to create your own)
  15. Signature perfumes ( Your name as brand ones you create a combinations by customization)
  16. One sample product free on Sign-in
  17. Reusable bottles


I am sure this list will go till infinite ……so keep on coming back on this page 🙂

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